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The Cut-Edge-Blunt is a blunt for hunting small game like opossum, raccoons, groundhogs, rabbits, squirrels, and birds.

What makes the Cut-Edge-Blunt unique is the fact, that the arrow with a Cut-Edge-Blunt flies straight, soars quietly, and hits with a hard hitting punch, knocking out the target. At the same time, the sharp edge of the Cut-Edge-Blunt will cut a clean wound channel into the target.

The Cut-Edge-Blunt is machined out of one piece of industrial strength stainless steel, ensuring a countless number of uses without the blunt being dulled or damaged – not even from missing the target and striking dirt, trees, or even gravel and minor rocks. At the same time, if you miss your target, the arrow will bounce off the ground with the Cut-Edge-Blunt, making retrieving the arrow easy.

CEB-100    Cut-Edge-Blunt 100 gr.

CEB-125    Cut-Edge-Blunt 125 gr.